The female body is beautiful. It’s more sensual than the male body with its curves and the recogniseable silhouette. There’s more to hide thus more to show, and it can be easily used as a tool for merchandise. People like it, and people are afraid of the potential power the female figure possesses.

Claim it

What society loves to do is dictate the impossible rules the female body has to fulfill. Skinny, chubby, double-D, Kim K butt, it’s either too small or too big. Show it too much and you are a world-class slut, hide it and you are either oppressed or a prude. Fuck it, you can do whatever you want with your body.

You should be allowed to be proud of what you have. Also, you are equally allowed to try and improve yourself. There is no one but you who has the right to tell you to change, and no one else but you who can forbid changes. Whether it is accepting the person you see when you look into a mirror or doing 900 squats a week or even going under a knife. You are going to live a lifetime in your skin, better have it comfortable enough.

Love it

Like, seriously, you have got boobs. And a butt. Softer skin, mystery in your eyes, well-shaped lips, whatever it is, love it. All of us can find that little something in ourselves that we can base our self-confidence on.

Do not let it only be that one thing. Let it grow, and embrace the body you have got, dress it up, play with it. Enjoy the feeling you get when you put on clothes that flatter your figure and walk out the door, or when you do your make-up just right. We have got the right to feel good: we have dresses, colours, hairdos, high heels and multiple orgasms.

Shake it

You have got something others desire. Women always want something other women have. Men, well, men want women, fulls top.

Your body is an object, something to admire, something to lust for. There is nothing wrong with admitting the potential your gender is giving you. We live in a sexist society which is unlikely to change anyday soon, so use it to your advantage. Men have physical power and they have an innate credibility. Women, we have sexuality above all.

Using your sexuality does not mean you have to be a bimbo blonde with big boobs (allitteration for the win!). It does not automatically mean short skirts and tops that leave nothing to imagination. Feel free to do it, if you feel comfortable with it, sure. But it can be more subtle. It is accepting the power you have in your hands, and knowing how to use it.

Objectify to your advantage

There is a lot of ongoing talk about objectifying women (and men, sure), and nearly with no exceptions this is viewed as a negative phenomenon. Yes, it is degrading, as long as it is used against women. You can turn it to your advantage, just grab it and embrace it. You objectify it first, you claim the right to speak about your body any way you want and you can be sure that the chauvinist remarks and attitudes lose their sting pretty quickly.

Be light about it, there is nothing you could not disarm with a hint of humour and sarcasm.

Ladies, you’ve got a gift. Don’t let it go to waste.